Casey Wickstrom

by Casey Wickstrom



Recorded over the course of 6 years. All songs written and produced by Casey Wickstrom, except 1984, written by Dustin Stoneburner


released May 12, 2011

Album includes instrumentation from the following musicians: Dustin Krupa, Nick Angiono, Keith Shacklet, John Michael, Bob Lanz, Josh Gardner.


all rights reserved



Casey Wickstrom California

Casey Wickstrom is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist looping artist. He plays guitar, lap slide, three string slide cigar box guitar, bass, drums, uke, and harmonica; he produces and writes his own music. He edits and produces his own music videos. Wickstrom is also a writer, writing blogs and short stories on his website ... more

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Track Name: Pasadena
I fell into the sun and I woke up in the afternoon
I can't define the real reason why I live the way I do

and I'm alone, but I'm not lonely
I'm not prepared, but I'm not scared
I've been lost, without direction ever since I was a kid
but I know it'll lead to something,
yes I know I'll be alright
'cause I know that one day I will see the light.

I found peace and I found shelter among the trees
I can't depend on just my friends, I need what I need

and I know that I've found love here
through the lengths, oh god the lengths
and I'll keep on pushing forward, turn my weakness into strength
'cause I know it'll lead to something,
yes I know I'll be alright,
'cause I know that one day I will see the light.

I fell into the sun and I woke up in the afternoon
I can't define the real reasons why I live like I do

Track Name: Justine
Justine/How can I do without? Justine/You cut me in, and you bleed me out/ You saw my reaction/there's no need for action/your thoughts are appalling/your demons are calling/When you are mine, the stars align, and when you leave, they only scream.
Justine/There is no hope left in my words/Justine/In your eyes I struggle and I burn/ You feel my confusion/you breathe your delusions/I'm under the ocean/the weight is enormous/I am alive and yet with you I find a different way to die. Justine . . .
Justine/you find your strength in my pain/Justine/you bring me down once again/ I'm drowning in my mind/I move towards the white light/I can feel the conclusion/but it brings no solution/I'm wrecked with disaster/It's coming up faster/I'm soaking with panic/my reaction is frantic/I rage in the sunlight/she kills away my time/the beauty around me/turns to dust and astounds me/I feel the fall and yet all I can do is call Justine.
Track Name: Little Suitcase
Hey little suitcase, left here at the station/Hey little suitcase, you've got no destination/Won't somebody take this suitcase home?/Won't somebody take this suitcase home?
Track Name: Grindhouse Blues
My best friend died today/she grabbed the sheets and she walked away/screaming words at the windowpane/I can't recall just what she said. I felt her steal my time/set fire to my mind/as I stood and I looked outside/everything around me died/ Staring out the windowsill/my thoughts they all stood still, and it's (chorus) Blackbirds swinging in the winter sun/My soul drowning in oblivion/I feel the heartbreak coming on/I see the shadow of another song/I pushed my luck so hard it died, and I can't recall how hard I tried/For you I'd never compromise, my sweetest girl with all her lies. I stumble down my apartment halls/I watch the blood run down the walls/I see the spiders crawl/In my eyes I saw it all. I hear the bluebird scream/but it don't mean shit to me/And I hear that high pitched ring/Coming from the washing machine/ I know I'll go insane/If I don't walk away, and it's (chorus)
I've got more words to shout/Sit back and lay them down/Find what it's all about/Rain coming up from my mouth. My girl just one more time/Before you break my spine/Tell me that you are mine/Before you drown my mind/ These words I have to hear, before you disappear, and it's (chorus).
Track Name: Walking Down
I cannot hide behind my broken pride/While snakes and spiders eat up my insides/Takes too much courage, so I don't even try/That is why I feel the way I do.
My situation is immersed in fear/I fall and stumble through the atmosphere/I see solutions, but they're so unclear/That is why I feel the way I do.
And it's too plain, we can't start over again/It's too late, to start again.
(Translated into english)
You don't know what I'm thinking/And I don't know what I understand/The truth is in the setting sun/and that is all I know for now.
My brain bleeds sofly/the clouds point and laugh/Stars fall from the sky, and that is all I can see.
And it's very simple/We can't start again/It's too late to begin.
Track Name: Secret
I knew a girl, she was sweet as can be, but I had the feeling she was hiding something from me, so, I said "Hey, what's your secret?" She said "I can't tell." So I said "Why you been keeping secrets from me? Our relationship was going so smoothly." And she said "Trust me baby, 'cause it's all well. (Chorus) She said "I'd love to tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. For that I am so sorry, yes I'm so sore." She said "I'd love to tell you, but then I'd have to kill you, because then it wouldn't be my secret anymore."
And I told her "I don't feel like you're doing your part when I've told you all I know; I've shown you my heart." She broke down, she started to cry. So I said I was sorry, I tried to let it go, but I just couldn't drop it, no, no, no - i wake her up in the night, and I ask her why. (Chorus)
"What's the matter with you, why don't you trust me? What's the matter with you, don't you think that I am your friend? What's the matter with you why don't you trust me? if you tell me I won't tell another person as long as we both shall live." (Chorus)
So I beg and I plead, say "This is what I need," finally she whispers in my ear. Then I smile, I grin, 'cause I'm happy again, then a gunshot is all I hear.
So finally she tells me, but then she has to kill me. She said she was so sorry, she was so sore. Finally she tells me, but then she has to kill me. I guess she keeps her secrets after all.
Track Name: Near Death
(Casey's lyrics) I woke up to the sound/of demons shooting up through the ground/Open eyes, and I look around/A soul was lost, but a boy was found/Take some time, step aside/Silent shadows, books and lines/Look around, but never mind/ain't nothing here but the passing of time/Taking me all the way/Past the boardwalk, past the sunny days/To a place without a name/i toss and turn in the neon rain/What I heard, what I saw/I wonder if there's any difference at all/I'm walking through these empty halls/Rising up merely so I can fall/What I love, what I hate/I started thinking that it's all the same/Not a chance of a change/Not unless I want to make it that way.
(Dustin's lyrics) Later on, I come across/my heart was pure, but my path was wrong/I walk down these hollow streets/I'm near death, I can feel it following me/Past the sky, past the air/Past all the faces of the ones who care/So blissfully unaware/No one sees that I'm not there/Until the time that I decide/If I should run, or if I should hide/Just to know that I'm alive/I see the world with an extra eye/Seasons pass, come and go/I ask myself why is it I run/To a life that I'll never know/Got no direction, I've got no place to go/You may see me one day/Hanging 'round in the world's golden rays/There's a place that I can stay/Until then, I've got no more to say.
Track Name: Post
I see you standing there/you fade into the air/you drift away from me/'til I can barely see/you smoking cigarettes/I smell it on your breath/I want you here with me/But I don't know your name. I'm lying in my room/so hazy, black and blue/I'm slipping out of tune/Beneath the brightest moon/i hear you call my name/from outside in the rain/I see your hair so red/and all the world, it ends. (Chorus) And in the midst of a nuclear holocaust/the sky turns white, and I think of all that I have lost/And I cry, as I realize the birds will never fly anymore/i am alone.
I'm standing on the beach/the waters hit my feet/I want to wash away/Inside the freezing waves/And as I drown inside/The sea that holds no life/I feel so dead inside/This silent world is mine. The stars all seem to fade/i drown in TV waves/I look inside the mirror/And I can't see my face/I see you standing there, but it's all in my head/I am the last one here/I close my eyes and weep. (Chorus)
I'm walking down the road/so quiet, all alone/I feel the A- bomb drop, the world engulfs in flame/I see the brightest light/I hear the ocean cry/and then there's no more sound, because there's no more light/I walk down endless streets/they crumble with my feet/the still, forgotten world/the silence is complete/I see you standing there, but it's all in my head/because there's nothing there, 'cause everything is dead. (Chorus)
Track Name: Upper Hermosa Mtn. Blues
I'm looking for a friend that I lost a long time ago/Can't lose and I can't win and I guess that I'll never know/I can't turn and face the fear because it's breathing down my neck/I think I'll leave this place but I know I'll be coming back.
Bartender may I have another shot before I go/This is my last one don't you know/Bartender may I have just one more shot, one for the road/I guess that I will never . . .
Track Name: Richard Ave.
Drenched in emotion and I can't cool off/Thinking of words and music but it's all lost/Trying to remember that I'm trying to forget/Burning up faster than a cigarette. Chorus: Don't you know this is not what I believe/Don't you realize I am in good company/I love my friends, and for them I'd gladly bleed/But this is not what I believe.
Memory lingers on the playground of my mind. Fills me up inside with memories unkind/But they can never win, not with my power and my truth/And I can keep my songs, though I can't keep my youth. Chorus.
Track Name: Hope
I found a death ray of hope/inside a heartbreak to hold/come in from out in the rain/I can't remember her name.
And all the drugs that I've done/Sit back and wonder where the fuck it come from/And how I breathe so differently, it no longer bleeds inside of me.
These possibilities burn/from which no one can return/I let it swell, let it drain/from the desert inside my brain.
And back and forth I go/Stare down the devil and I bargain for my soul/Take away everything I've ever loved, and I'm still no lower than I always was.
Microphones of distant thunder/fall apart under the struggle/Drowning myself in disbelief/Current undertones of sweet release.
I could see myself inside of you/Something that no one wants me to/Running down in the killing streets/ Unforgiving in the quarantine.
Track Name: Natural Disaster
My baby loves me like a hurricane/Tears my town back down again/promising rainbows, only gives me rain.
My baby loves me like a hollow home/Leaves me to suffer, woman, all alone/and I say "This must be what it feels like to be so low."
I find myself inside the coldest sun/the world keeps spinning as I come undone/Come hard, my darling, so mean, so young.
Some days I'm filled with so much love/And other times I cannot rise above/the darkest days that bring me right back to the place I was.
Hold my guitar like I hold my soul/Close enough to fill the void/When loneliness is my only choice.
I have my songs and I have my faith/I am the only one to blame/for the man I was and the man that I became.
Track Name: Pitch Black Blues in E
Lay right down with the one I love/Fingerprints are never quite enough/Green eyes that I once knew/But my breath is too steady for you/I lay right down with the one I love.
Dreams of fire with the one I love/Deep, dark clouds come raining blood/Hold steady 'cause it's not over/Jesus gave me the coldest shoulder/Dreams of fire with the one I love.
Bleed right here with the one I love/Drain my soul, I try to rise above/Lay down in muddy waters/Looking for my long lost father/Bleed right here with the one I love.
One more time with the one I love/Never mine, I can't get enough/Lay me down one more time/Broken heart but it's not mine/And it's never more with the one I love.

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