Desperate Times

by Casey Wickstrom



Lap slide: Casey Wickstrom
Drums: Jason Mongo Blaustein
Music by Casey Wickstrom
Mixed by Brian Boland, Timewarp Music, Los Angeles, CA


released October 10, 2013

Lap slide: Casey Wickstrom
Drums: Jason Mongo Blaustein
Andie Evans: Bass/ vocals on The Drug Song
All words and music by Casey Wickstrom except:
Culver Blvd. Melody by Greg Wickstrom.
Teen Spirit: Lyrics by Kurt Cobain
Mixed by Brian Boland, Timewarp Music, Los Angeles, CA
Produced by Casey Wickstrom


all rights reserved



Casey Wickstrom California

Casey Wickstrom is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist looping artist. He plays guitar, lap slide, three string slide cigar box guitar, bass, drums, uke, and harmonica; he produces and writes his own music. He edits and produces his own music videos. Wickstrom is also a writer, writing blogs and short stories on his website ... more

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Track Name: Bonni
I'm so hammered, been wasted for years.
I don't know the difference between smiles and my tears
and I smoke so much so that I don't think
sleep so deep so that I don't dream
how it could've been so good.

Walking around, nothing to say,
Hanging 'round for another day.
Search my soul for a skeleton
I'm gonna jump right out of my skin
'cause it could've been so good.

I miss you now, but it's not enough
to bring you back or to feel your touch
I don't want you girl, and I'll keep it like that
but sometimes, baby, you make me so damn mad
'cause it could've been so good, but I knew it never would.
Track Name: Broken Girl (take 2)
See 1984 Sessions
Track Name: Orange Grove
I have been alone before but never this alone before
Sometimes when the sun is shining, all I feel is rain
It's impossible to know just how far I'll let this go
letting well known chemicals seep into my brain.

And I said
I love my family, but not enough to stop this bleeding.
I know it's only me - give me peace, and give me freedom.
Track Name: Sleep
I can't sleep no more, the guards are knocking down my door, I'm sure.
Slipped and fell into a dream and then I woke up drowned in everything, it seems. Close my eyes and see this place, and the broken light is rearranged so strange. Wake up in another day and I have changed, but I'm the same some way.

I lost myself again and the dreams I have are running thin my friend.
Throw away all I have kept and the sea will take whatever I have left.
When cells push me through vivid dreams I play along inside the scene and breathe. Swept away all in a wave, what'd it feel like to home again.
Track Name: The Drug Song (explicit)
THC, and LSD, and mushroom tea, are good for me.
I tried them all, and I agree, that D R U and add a G S, and. . .
I love drugs. . .
I can't get enough of them drugs. . .

Vicodin, klonopin, methamphetamine, and heroin
I drink alcohol, I try it all; get so high, I'll never fall because. . .
I love drugs. . .
I can't get enough of them drugs. . .

We've got valium and xanax, so I never panic,
and rollies and Oxy and Opium, Molly
peyote and mescaline, and one of my personal favorites has always been. . .

Cocaine, all up in my brain.

THC, and LSD, etc.

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