It's The Shoes!

by Casey Wickstrom

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released October 21, 2005


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Casey Wickstrom California

Casey Wickstrom is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist looping artist. He plays guitar, lap slide, three string slide cigar box guitar, bass, drums, uke, and harmonica; he produces and writes his own music. He edits and produces his own music videos. Wickstrom is also a writer, writing blogs and short stories on his website ... more

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Track Name: Pac Man Blues (Early Edit)
I'm gonna start a religion
Base it on pac man and nuclear fission
'Cause you don't thrill me anymore
Shut my eyes to the world of tomorrow
Go to the pawnshop looking for a soul to borrow
Wake up Sunday, start a holy war

Like a surgeon with gloves who just can't get enough
Of his young patient's blood as he deepens the cut

Like a young virgin's mouth who just screams to get out
'Cause she knows all about what life is, there's no doubt tonight

Like a young man's disease that eats at his knees,
And mocks at his pleas to just let him be

Never mind what I've said, just a voice in my head,
That won't rest 'til I'm dead, bleeding soft in my bed, alright

C'mon, baby, take my hand
Let's stick it to the man
C'mon, baby, let's drown the sea

C'mon, baby, let's rock and roll,
C'mon, sugar, let's lose our souls
C'mon, baby, take a chance with me
Track Name: Set Me Free (Early Edit)
I've been hearing some talk around the town
You know how fast this kind of thing gets around
Word on the street says you're letting me go
But if you are, babe, I'd like to know.

If you think that you don't need me
If you think that you're gonna leave me
If what they're saying is true,
Set me free

I don't understand but I guess that it's okay
I just don't know what inspired you to act this way
We both know that love is a drag
But if you're really leaving, let me help you pack your bags.

Track Name: Little Girl
Words by Casey Wickstrom

Hey little girl in a circus world
Are you lost, are you scared, are you hungry, are you there little girl
Do you need a friend, to get back on your way again?
Or little girl is it too late?

Well I'll be your man, just take my hand,
no more will you stray
I'll get you home, you'll never need to roam,
Or little girl is it too late?

I found her wandering round the desert at night
Her eyes were filled with teardrops so bright
She looked up at me, and my heart grew heavy with sympathy
I knew that she could not be saved

But I told her I'd be her friend, help her out til the end
that I would get her home
I had no clue what she would do
I didn't know she was much too alone

Hey little girl in a circus world
Are you lost, are you scared, are you hungry, are you there little girl
I want to be your man, I'll stay right by you and hold your hand
Or little girl is it too late?

Hey little girl in a circus world
Are you lost, are you scared, are you here little girl
I want to be your man, I'll stay close to you, I won't pretend
Or little girl is it too late?
Track Name: Secret (Early Edit)
I knew a girl, she was sweet as can be, but I had the feeling she was hiding something from me, so, I said "Hey, what's your secret?" She said "I can't tell." So I said "Why you been keeping secrets from me? Our relationship was going so smoothly." And she said "Trust me baby, 'cause it's all well. (Chorus) She said "I'd love to tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. For that I am so sorry, yes I'm so sore." She said "I'd love to tell you, but then I'd have to kill you, because then it wouldn't be my secret anymore."
And I told her "I don't feel like you're doing your part when I've told you all I know; I've shown you my heart." She broke down, she started to cry. So I said I was sorry, I tried to let it go, but I just couldn't drop it, no, no, no - i wake her up in the night, and I ask her why. (Chorus)
"What's the matter with you, why don't you trust me? What's the matter with you, don't you think that I am your friend? What's the matter with you why don't you trust me? if you tell me I won't tell another person as long as we both shall live." (Chorus)
So I beg and I plead, say "This is what I need," finally she whispers in my ear. Then I smile, I grin, 'cause I'm happy again, then a gunshot is all I hear.
So finally she tells me, but then she has to kill me. She said she was so sorry, she was so sore. Finally she tells me, but then she has to kill me. I guess she keeps her secrets after all.
Track Name: After The Love Is . . .
I call her on the telephone
She says she wants to be alone
I told her we haven't talked in days
She said she knows and she likes it that way

I've told her over and over again
The way she treats me is not like a friend
And no longer can I pretend
After the love is gone
After the love is . . .

She walks in like she owns my place,
A cocky little smile on her precious face
But she don't know me, she don't own me now
And her and I we have been lost somehow

I cross my heart and I cross my eyes
She says it's hard to sympathize
'Cause all I do is tell my lies
After the love is gone
After the love is . . .

I wrote her poems, I sang her songs
She didn't listen or sing along
And by Thanksgiving I was fed up
I said now listen, baby
I've had enough

I cross my heart and I cross my eyes
She says it's hard to sympathize
'Cause all I do is tell my lies
After the love is gone
After the love is . . .
Track Name: Dig This (Early Edit)
Lying in my bed, smoking cigarettes
What have I become
But wait a minute, settle down, get things straight
C'mon D, light me up another j, because I'm too tired to run.

But baby you know me, there's nothing I ain't seen
I been around this whole world once or twice
And if there's one thing I've learned,
It's when you play with fire, you get burned
But baby you burn me.
Track Name: The Beautiful Angel
She lives on the seventh moon,
She visits earth in March and June
She's an angel in disguise,
She'll hold you close with tender eyes

She knows Eve and she knows Adam
She says things that I can't fathom
She lives life with no tomorrow
Filling young men's hearts with sorrow

She plays queen in double motion,
With cut throat pirates on the ocean
She flies high above the ground,
Nobody can hold her down.

When she visits, fools rush in
Hanging on her every limb
She has men that guard her body
In the crowded hotel lobbies

She'll leave at the end of June with no remorse
Once her spell has run its course,
She'll return from where she came,
The beautiful angel of love and pain.
Track Name: Killing The Ego (Early Edit)
Hello listeners,
This is Casey Wickstrom in the studio.
With Dustin on bass and Austin on percussion, we deliver the kind of thrills gives you a musical concussion, knocks you out, makes you scream so loud you'll need robitussin, just to cope with your throat from the rhymes we've been busting. Without no doubt, we are The Shoes!

Coming up faster than a resurrection, nothing short of musical perfection despite lies and deception of my depression. This is my therapy session, my only confession to my true musical obsession. Into the fires of eternal damnation I am lost, tossed, sacrificing a nation; spitting words from my mouth like a bullet from a gun, falling heavy on the ready, message bright as the sun. Hold up, there ain't no time for me to contemplate about God, heaven, hell, watch my faith disintegrate. Ashes upon ashes of everlasting pain passes and is gone with a bullet to the brain. But sit back, relax, try to keep your sanity, a song you've never heard, not littered with profanity and vanity, calamity, a world of catastrophe, let anybody try and try again to master me. Lay down a beat and I'll spit to it, nothing but my mind, nothing but my mic, no shit to it. Getting heavy, steady, you better be ready because I'm hacking up the airwaves with my verbal machete. Like a blow to the head, a concussion, lurks in the back of your mind like a repercussion. Oh no my friend, here it comes, never ending, a roller coaster cruising light speed and descending - I'm impending, befriending, no need for defending, backing up like a shuck, now your mind will be bending.
Track Name: Turn Me On
Words by Casey Wickstrom

Well I think I know you babe
And I met you in a dream
We walked on water, turned back time
I became resurrected in your eyes
but I can't remember your name


Listen lady, you are my favorite, baby
You turn me on
Please turn me on

Well you think I'm crazy
And you say you don't know who I am
Well it will take you some time to realize
That we walked on the edge of a burning sunrise
But pretty soon we'll be walking hand in hand

Track Name: Trazodone (Early Edit)
I’m not Jesus, I am just a poet
and I don’t love you, but I just don’t show it.
‘cause what I say and what I mean,
are two completely different things
and I don’t love you, but I just don’t show it

she says it’s in my head but I don’t
she says it’s in my head but I won’t
she says it’s in my head, but I don’t believe her

papers scattered all around my floor
a massacre of words from the night before
I can’t sleep and I can’t write,
you have kept me up all night
and I can’t take it, I can’t take it no more


I am living the american dream
sex and cocaine plastered on my tv screen
I’ve got a story that I’d like to tell
I fell asleep in heaven and I woke up in hell
I’ve got a story but I don’t know what it means


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